News post – Catch-23 No. 974 Big believer

I don’t remember who said it, I think it was on some reality tv show or other, but the phrase ‘I’m a big believer in…’ stuck in my head and I just had to put it in a comic strip.



News post – Catch-23 No. 973 Stereotypes

I took a couple of comic strips off, we had a weekend away and some family visiting.

I’ll acknowledge this comic is less about cats in general and more about Jaffa being a jerk. That said, if my cats could walk into a cafe and order a latte, they would invariably do something that would ensure they would not be allowed back.


News post – Catch-23 No. 972 Starman

Elon Musk, wildman that he is, shot his car into space on the SpaceX Heavy Falcon launch this week. I liked the angle that maybe he wasn’t in on the idea, got pranked by his team then had to go along with it in front of the media.



News post – Catch-23 No. 971 Coloured pens

What else are you supposed to do with a bullet journal? Bullet journals and mindfulness journals are so hot write now. It’s funny to me that ‘writing stuff down on paper’ has become so retro. Don’t worry if your no good at writing stuff down, there’s an app for that as well.


News post – Catch-23 No. 970 You’re not fired

This comic strip has three different Trump stories on the go. First it was revealed that Trump tried to fire Bob Mueller last year, but his Senior White House Counsel threatened to quit rather than carry out that order. Trump had to back down, and so the White House have been trying to play nice with Mueller’s investigation in the hopes it will just blow over. Now Trump’s saying he’s ‘looking forward‘ to testifying under oath at the hearing. Trump couldn’t say something truthful if his life, career and freedom depended on it, so I’m not sure what putting him under oath would actually do.

Finally, Eric Trump is now bleating about there being a conspiracy against Team Trump called ‘Deep State‘ because Twitter suggested he should follow Hillary, Obama and Ellen. I know how he feels. When I followed Hillary, it suggested I should follow Donald Trump. It’s probably a conspiracy. I would call it ‘Denial State’.


News post – Catch-23 No. 969 Meaning of words

Trump and Nixon, Nixon and Trump. Putting the two of them together makes me happy, plus a reference to The Princess Bride is always called for. Check out Cary Elwes’ autobiography As You Wish for some great stories about the making of one of the best movies of all time.

Back to Trump. He says so many racist things, that to turn around and claim he’s NOT racist seems to me that he just doesn’t know what certain words mean. Words like ‘not’, for example.

Eric Trump went on TV to say that Trump isn’t racist because he ‘only sees green‘. I think he was talking about money, but it could have been envy as well I guess.


News post – Catch-23 No. 968 Super black

A paper was published this week detailing how the black feathers on a Bird of Paradise absorb almost all light to create the deepest black found in nature. This is only surpassed by Vantablack, a man-made coating that absorbs 99.965% of all light. If I’ve done my job, you can hear Will Arnett’s voice in that last panel.



News post – Catch-23 No. 967 Cross and hot

Having hot cross buns available to buy as early as Boxing Day seems to be a thing now.

I get wanting something special to be available all year round, but part of what makes things special is that they are only available for a limited time. When the trappings of Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are available every day, what will make those times of year unique?


News post – Catch-23 No. 966 Flies (noun)

We had some pretty good fly-building weather just before Christmas – originally the gag (pun intended) was around Jaffa complaining about getting a mouthful of flies and getting a mouthful of flies in the process.

I hope you had a great Christmas, and I’ll be back in the New Year (also known as next week).


News post – Catch-23 No. 965 Elf on the Shelf, Part 3

Each year, we learn a little more about our mysterious Elf on the Shelf. When I was writing this strip, I was thinking about making the Elf as a horcrux for some dark wizard – I even had a title, ‘Crux of the Matter’, but I couldn’t figure out how to squeeze all of it into the comic strip and still leave room for pictures, so it had to go.

Onto a short, spoiler-free movie review – Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is very good and you should go see it.

Slightly longer review – It may be the very best of all the Star Wars films, possibly even better than Empire Strikes Back. It packed so much in, there was callbacks to earlier films, new revelations, great gags, lots of heart, epic battles in space and on land, new planets and critters – all the things that make the Star Wars movies great, packed into one. There was also subtle commentary on the nature of war and animal rights, which felt new for the franchise.

The Force Awakens looked to the past, realigning the series and reminding you that these movies can good. The Last Jedi takes all that and runs with it, resolving the present and then looking to the future.