News post – Catch-23 No. 962 Bring a snorkel

This comic strip is taken from the weather this past week in Melbourne, it’s been downright tropical here. Mid-thirties every day and a few big storms have left it surprisingly humid and sticky, certainly not the norm for dry-heat Melbourne.

If your curious, some information about humidity can be found here and here. What we commonly refer to as humidity is ‘relative humidity’, which is the amount of water suspended in the air as a percentage of the maximum water that the air could hold at a given temperature.

Often times, I’ll come up with an idea for a comic strip – it could be a topic, a specific joke or a snippet of dialogue, then I’ll read a couple of articles or Wikis about the subject. This lets me check I’m not saying anything incorrect (well, unintentionally incorrect) and sometimes the research yields a few extra details or a change in direction for the strip.



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