News post – Catch-23 No. 949 Voting postal

A plebiscite for marriage equality is an expensive scam – if Australia votes yes, the Libs are going to consider allowing a free vote in parliament. They could do it now without the postal vote, but they don’t want to and the people will have to make them.

If you’re having trouble figuring out if the plebiscite is a good move or a bad move, look at the supporters and detractors. Trumpist bible-bashing buffoon Tony Abbott thinks it’s a great idea and pro-equality groups don’t. Equality groups would rather see the money spent elsewhere, and the vote will give a voice to all the close-minded morons to shout and scream about how this will ruin the sanctity of marriage and won’t somebody think of the children, on our dime no less. Some same-sex marriage campaigners are even encouraging a boycott.

I think you should absolutely vote Yes for marriage equality when the material comes in the mail, but know that this is the government’s $160 million Get Out of Jail Free card – a way to defer a decision about same-sex marriage without looking like, well, old white homophobes.

How is that working out?



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