News post – Catch-23 No. 947 Wild Winds

Melbourne has been a little windy this weekend – 109kph gusts in the city and 130kph gusts up in the alpine regions. Some international flights got diverted to Sydney and The Age did, in fact, have photos of fallen bicycles to show how windy it was. They weren’t attached to the building, that part I made up.

Sadly, the bike photo appears to have been replaced by a couple of fallen tree photos.



News post – Catch-23 No. 946 Spicing Doors

Poor Sean Spicer – he put up with so much for Trump and then gets treated like this? I thought that in hindsight, he may wish he took a leaf out of the Japanese Prime Minister’s wife’s playbook and pretended not to speak English.




News post – Catch-23 No. 945 Calving

The iceberg that came away from the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica in the week is twice the size of Luxembourg (or as big as Delaware if you’re in the U.S.) and weighs in at a trillion tonnes.

The experts are not directly linking this particular iceberg to global warming but say there are a lot of other ice shelves that are coming apart quicker than they should be.


News post – Catch-23 No. 944 Snoozed

This comic strip began with Kate saying something different (and lifted from real life) but I’m going to keep it to myself as I may use it in another strip.

Hitting snooze is indeed bad for you – it can leave you groggy for longer and can break the association between your alarm going off and actually needing to wake up. The grogginess – also known as sleep inertia – affects your decision-making, your memory and the performance of even simple tasks and can take hours to shake off.

The solution to chronic snoozing? Put the alarm clock out of reach so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.



News post – Catch-23 No. 943 Environmental paradox

Knowing how to take the best care of our natural resources is not always straightforward – disposable vs reusable plates, for example. Often protecting one is done at the expense of something else.

Bagel’s heart is in the right place, though.