News post – Catch-23 No. 937 Sausages

Rescue groups need money. Bunnings sausage sizzles are a great way to raise money. An animal rescue group raising money by selling meat sausages didn’t sit well, and vegan sausages were sold instead. Then Australia lost it’s mind. Why? It’s hard to say. It’s as if this one day of fundraising at one Bunnings store in one suburb in one city challenged the entire country’s ideals and culture. People were free to ignore the vegan sausages, or go somewhere else for lunch or (gasp) try a non-meat alternative for once. Maybe you’d like it. What then? Maybe you’d have to admit that you could live without animal products for one meal.

If you liked that vegan sausage, that also means that you must become a Green’s voter, hug trees and cancel your subscription to the Herald-Sun. Just kidding, no-one subscribes to newspapers any more.



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