News post – Catch-23 No. 906 Elseworlds

This comics strip went through several drafts – the first draft included some exposition about what Elseworlds is – basically it’s DC Comics’ name for stories that aren’t officially part of the comic universe, such as the Red Son story where Superman landed in Communist Russia rather than Kansas. The Elseworlds alternate-timeline is, I think, a perfect explanation for what Zack Snyder is doing with Superman, Batman and the Justice League. The ‘real’ timeline is what we’re seeing in the TV shows Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow. All three shows are excellent, by the way, and well worth checking out. They bring the humour, fun and colour that the big-screen versions are sorely lacking.

I was also going to include the recent news from the New York Comic Con that Wonder Woman is now official a queer character, which is not a huge shock given that the Amazons from Greek mythology were an all-female society, but it’s still ruffled quite a few comic’s fans feathers.

In the end, I realised that the strip was way too wordy and perhaps too specific to my tastes, so I pulled back a bit and ended up here. The DNA of the above ideas are still part of the strip but it’s not weighed down by them and I still say what I intended to say.



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