News post – Catch-23 No. 900 Lessons from a foster dog

This week I have a different kind of comic strip to share. We are fostering an ex puppy-farm dog named Jackie. In the week we’ve had her, she’s gone from being timid around everyone and everything to being able to use the doggy door, wagging her tail for us and coming for pats. We’ll help her through her health and attachment problems and get her ready for her forever home.


Jackie the American cocker spaniel

I wanted to show in the strip that fosters and rescues won’t necessarily behave like stereotypical dogs right away, friendly and playful. Some of these dogs have come from bad situations and have developed specific behaviours as coping strategies just to get by. You won’t see the ‘real’ dog emerge until they learn that this place is not like the other place and they’re going to be looked after.

Adopting a rescue animal is doing some good in this world – you’re replacing suffering with love and security.

Here are some sites in Victoria, Australia if you want to know a bit more about rescues:

Beagle Rescue Victoria

Animal Aid



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