News post – Catch-23 No. 883 Let’s try and keep it civil

Just released is Captain America: Civil War, which is basically another Avengers movie due to the enormous number of heroes on screen at any one time. Iron Man and Captain America end up on opposite sides of the law once politics gets involved in Avengering. The film does a mostly excellent job of giving folks with a lot in common a good reason to do super battle with each other. Standouts of the film include the new heroes Black Panther and Spiderman – the proper Marvel-made Spiderman movie will be excellent – and the giant airport throwdown between the two teams is a thing to behold.

A story this big is hurt by not having Avengers director and all round nice guy Joss Whedon writing the words. There were a few quiet character moments that don’t quite have the fizz and bite of a Joss-scripted scene, and I think Joss would have been able to make the excuse for the final confrontation between Cap and Iron Man a little more grounded in character.

All in all, it made a comic book nerd like me extremely happy.



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