News post – Catch-23 No. 882 Toupee of evil

Donald Trump and my little cartoon goldfish are a little closer this week. At least the goldfish isn’t going to make America a punchline for four years.



News post – Catch-23 No. 881 Pebbles might be Donald Trump

I realised I hadn’t featured Pebbles in a strip for a while, and I’ve been wanting to do a Donald Trump strip, so everything worked out the way I wanted.

There probably shouldn’t be so many points of similarity between a cartoon goldfish and a billionaire tycoon running for office, but there you go.


News post – Catch-23 No. 880 Oil is a dirty business

It was no big shock to hear that the oil industry is riddled with corruption, but having proof is always useful. The biggest surprise was seeing how far it all goes, with companies Rolls-Royce, Samsung and Halliburton all implicated.

Big Oil is probably too big and powerful for this scandal to really change anything, but at least we know more about the industry that we rely so much on.


News post – Catch-23 No. 879 Batman V Batman

So despite a mountain of bad reviews, Batman V Superman still managed to make a fortune on opening weekend. Goes to show all you need is bankable superheroes and a $150 million marketing budget and success will follow. Suicide Squad is reportedly doing millions of dollars of reshoots so put more ‘fun’ in, as this was one of the most common complaints of Batman V Superman. Meanwhile, the parody Lego Movie spinoff starring Lego Batman looks like loads of fun, and Batman doesn’t machine-gun anyone in this version.