Catch-23 No. 840 Cancelled


Who could be so evil to cancel such great shows? Only one fish springs to mind. Hannibal is just the latest in a long line of great shows that ended too soon. I’m willing to bet Fox wishes they could go back and un-cancel Firefly.



Catch-23 No. 839 Star Wars trivia


OK, here’s what happened.

We were at the Animal Aid trivia night, and the question was ‘How many female characters have speaking parts in the original (not Special Edition) Star Wars Trilogy?’. The judge’s answer was three: Princess Leia, Aunt Beru and Mon Mothma. Being giant nerds, we contested this as there are other characters with speaking parts, such as the female officer in charge of the Ion Cannon on Hoth and Jabba the Hutt’s alien slave girl. After some re-enactment from my wife Danielle of the aforementioned slave girl, extra points were awarded for these characters and we ended the night equal 3rd out of 40 tables.


Catch-23 No. 838 Divorcing to protest marriage equality is not a great idea


Just as it looks like the politicians might actually vote for marriage equality, these people felt that intolerance needed some new spokespeople as well. Even better, it turns out that even if they do try to divorce after gay marriage is passed into law, they won’t be able to as ‘objecting to a law you don’t like’ is not legal grounds for divorce.


Catch-23 No. 837 Under-appreciated puns


Like Bagel, my puns are sometimes under-appreciated. Lucky for me, this one isn’t my pun and was sent in by my friend Gina. Thanks Gina!