Catch-23 No. 836 Australia is the joke


The Irish referendum on gay marriage seems to have acted as a real kick in the pants for Australian politicians. Here’s hoping that this comic strip becomes completely irrelevant shortly.



Catch-23 No. 835 Chocolate and Vegemite



With the disgusting release of Cadbury’s Chocolate with Vegemite, I wanted to include it in the comic strip so I looked into other nasty combinations. The bacon vodka is real, as is the salt & vinegar donuts. Heston’s Coke with a Hint of Haggis is my own contribution.



Catch-23 No. 834 Cat fur stare


Every cat, and some dogs, seems to have this superpower.

You can keep your clothes in a different room, forbidden to pets, and every item will still get covered.


Catch-23 No. 833 Tweeting Joss


Joss didn’t leave Twitter because of militant feminists, which he explains to Buzzfeed here. That said, he did draw some fire from the people previously in his corner, which makes no sense to me. Calling Joss ‘not feminist enough’ is like calling Richard Dawkins ‘not atheist enough’.



When will then be now? Now.

That’s the lot, all 832 comic strips online for your perusal. My recommendations from this batch include Make Facebook Worse, wubstep, sock-frolicking, Oculus at PAX, cats eating grass, Buzzfeed and 50 Shades of Grey.

Thanks to all my new readers for the likes, glad you’re enjoying the strip!

799, the home stretch

Finally into the modern era.

In this bunch we have the new Star Wars (appropriate for May the fourth), Game of Thrones and Sharktopus. There’s also Oculus Rift, Fallout 3, the break-in story, the space jump, the 8-bit comic strip, some more Game of Thrones, Gangnam Style, Saint’s Row IV, Frozen, nuclear waste kitter litter, twerking, the cat cafe, Gravity and a comic strip about feeling sketchy.

Catch-23 No. 832 Cat-person or dog-person


Here’s the latest comic strip. I used to be a cat-person, then I got a dog and now I think I may be a dog-person. Please don’t tell my cats.

Almost there, 700 strips available

Getting close now. These strips cover 2007 to 2010 and include such excellent strips as ‘Butt Coffee‘, my Buffy tribute ‘Kate the Vampire Slayer‘ and my very favourite comic strip, the Calvin & Hobbes Spaceman Spiff-inspired ‘Space Adventure to Planet Weird!