Six hundred and six, and counting

The next hundred have been added and we’re well past six hundred. This brings us from 2006 to early 2007. In this bunch we have the Kate & Alex flashback, the epic (well, for me) Dinosaur Adventure storyline and one of my faves, the postmodern ‘Today’s comic strip on a t-shirt‘.


Five hundred and counting

That’s strip number 500 up there, well past halfway now. This set of strips ran from 2005 to 2006. These include the Chocolate Christs conundrum,  the delightful Snow Time storyline, Alex’s job-hunt story and the terrifying Kiwis in the attic.

Catch-23 No. 831 Sydney cyclone


Here’s the latest comic strip, which will be added to the strips above once all the old comic strips have been uploaded.

Four hundred comic strips, and one more

The first 401 comic strips are now present and accounted for. The period from 2004 to 2005 include my Spiderman 2 parody, the introduction of the gentle yet carnivorous kiwi birds Wik & Piwi, and the Christmas Strip and detox juice strip.

Strips up to 299 now available

The next hundred strips have been added for your comic strip reading pleasure. This bunch runs from 2003 to 2004 and includes the my Matrix Revolutions story and some of my favourite strips including Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Next batch of strips now available

The next 100 strips are up, taking us to strip No. 205. This period covers 2002 up to mid 2003 and includes strips about X-Men 2 and the Matrix Reloaded, the odd experiment that was the crossover with the Jafwa Chat comic strip and one of my favourite storylines: ‘Attack of the 30ft Goldfish‘.

Catch-23 No. 830 Dead Avengers


This comic strip is spoiler free, these are just my educated guesses based on watching Joss Whedon’s tv shows and movies.

I’m adding the new strips as posts until the rest of the old comic strips are uploaded.


First 100 strips now available

The first 100 strips have been added for your enjoyment. Only 730 to go.

The first 100 covers from late 2000 to early 2002. Art-wise, the early years were a little rough (OK, very rough) but there’s some good stuff in there. Back in 2001, jokes about Britney, Napster and ‘Passions’ were topical, so go easy.

Some maintenance

I think I’ve got a hand on how to add my previous comic strips to this WordPress site, but that will mean uploading them from the beginning so that the ‘first/previous/next’ system works as intended. In order to see the newest comic strips, moving them into the posts section until we’re all caught up.

Catch-23 No. 829 That happened

Bagel tells Jaffa 'that happened'.

I liked the idea of taking a well-used phrase, but skipping over the bit that actually happened.